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Art Requirements


There is no standard number of frames when producing lenticular, but typically, the average number of unique frames used is anywhere from 4 to 12. If you can provide more frames is even better and we can select the right ones to describe the desired effect.


There is no standard number of layers to provide when creating 3D art. The more layers provided, the more flexibility we have in creating a dynamic 3D image.


If you can’t provide the images that describe the transition, we need at least the first and last frame so that we can create the morph frames.

  • All files need to have at least 300 dpi at final size.
  • For motion you can provide the frames in flat files or even a high resolution quicktime.
  • For 3D we need layered files.
  • Formats: PSD, tif, pdf are preferred, NO compressed files like jpg or similar.
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