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GreenPlasma Gift Cards

  • The GreenPlasma Card is manufactured with 100% recyclable PET (Polyester)
    • Health and environmental risks associated with the manufacture, recycling and use of PET are negligible.
    • PET is one of the most important raw materials used in man-made fibers.
  • No Poly Vinyl Chlorides (PVC) are used in the manufacture of the GreenPlasma Card.
    • PVC is toxic to the environment.
    • The manufacture of PVC creates serious health hazard.
    • Socially and environmentally responsible retailers have banned all products containing PVC.
    • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are used in the manufacture of the GreenPlasma Card.
    • VOC’s are toxic to the environment and harmful to both soil and groundwater.
    • Hydrocarbon VOC’s are greenhouse gasses that prolong the life of methane in the atmosphere, damaging the ozone.

Clearly the GreenPlasma Card from Plasma Print Resources™ is a superior choice over the traditional PVC gift card. The lenticular effects on the GreenPlasma Card enhance the buying experience. The GreenPlasma Gift Card constructed entirely of 100% recyclable PET is clearly a better choice for the environment, health of our planet and our fellow citizens.

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